June 26, 2018 500+ AP control by one EAP controller

500+ AP control by one EAP controller

EAP Controller Software

Easy for Centralized Management

TP-LINK’s free and easy-to-use EAP Controller Software allows users to manage and monitor hundreds of TP-LINK EAPs in multiple sites with the controller in a single location.

The ability to control, adjust, and visualize the entire network from any connected PC makes centralized business Wi-Fi management more efficient and cost-effective than ever before.

Manage Multiple Sites with the Centralized Controller in a Single Location

TP-LINK EAP controller enables the network administrator to monitor and manage hundreds of EAPs of multiple sites from any connected PC within the network.

This function allows for great wireless scalability and remote network management, saving time and no extra IT staff fee, ideal for multiple distributed deployments such as hotel chain, business with distributed offices.

During Q1 2018 , we managed to setup 500+ TP-link AP with one EAP Controller.

Picture show 500+ AP and more than 800+ client ( Mobile device like Notebook, Ipad, tablet, Handphone , others WIFI enable device) having Internet access at the same time.


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