Company background

NAS2U SOLUTION SDN BHD (1149545-V) [GST: 000619196416] is a leading company in provide most complete set of network storage solutions possible. The company was established in June 2015 by Mr. Dennis Toh who has more than 10 years experience in providing solution and servicing in network-attached-storage (NAS) industry.

Besides NAS, NAS2U SOLUTION SDN BHD has expended its business coverage in 2016 to more industries, providing more and better solutions from home to businesses’ network & accounting related solution such as server, firewall, anti-virus, backup system, GST accounting software & hardware and point-of sales system.

Founded in 2015, NAS2U SOLUTION SDN BHD is a leading company in provide most complete set of network storage solutions possible.

Our Founder Mr. Dennis Toh have more than 10 years’ experience in providing NAS solution.

In year 2016, Nas2u are appointed as official Synology Service Provider.

The Mission

NAS2U has the mission and promises to provide complete solution to all the business industries, the best NAS solution to ease of mind of the data backup, sharing & firewall protection.

With the new mission in 2016, the company has taking part on GST accounting and retail point-of-sales supplies and services, with the mission to assist and provide all-in-one solution to all the businesses to from networking, computer parts and software, to assist on growing business peace of mind.


  1. NAS Solution: Asustor, Qnap, Synology
  2. Sophos Firewall and Fortinet Firewall
  3. Sophos Security Solution, TrendMicro Security Solution and Symantec Security Solution
  4. Aplus accounting software & POS system
  5. Ubiquiti Network Solution, HPE Network Solution and TPLink Network Solution
  6. Peplink Load Balancer and Transport solution
  7. IP Camera Solution on Video Analytic, Foot Flow Solution, Retail Solution and CMS Solution
  8. VOIP Solution of Voice Conference and Video Conference Solution.
  9. Network Design Solution, Server Room Design Solution and Network Specification.
  10. Lead Network Project.
  11. Thin Client and Zero Client Solution.
  12. Projector Solution
  13. Cable Convertor Solution
  14. Digital Signage Solution


Completed NAS Project

  • UMMC (University Malaya Medical Centre)  / PPUM Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya

Model used: RS18016xs+ and RXD1215sas

Model used: RS3614xs+

Model used: RS18016xs+