August 1, 2018

Synology offer Synology Replacement Service for Malaysia

Synology offer Synology Replacement Service for Malaysia -start from 1st August 2018

Service downtime caused by unexpected hardware failure may lead to catastrophic loss to company operations, and it is time-consuming to go through regular RMA processes. With Synology Replacement Service (SRS), the process of replacing defective hardware products can be mitigated.

SRS is supported by certain Synology products in select regions. With a quick online application, Synology ships replacement products as early as the next business day, even before you return defective products to Synology.

  1. Free of Charge

Synology offers free two-way shipping1 by a specified carrier for sending replacement products and collecting your defective product

  1. Next Business Day Service

Synology will ship replacement products as early as the next business day2 once the SRS application is approved

  1. Advanced Shipment

Regular RMA requires defective products to be returned first. SRS provides timely support by sending out replacement products in advance to minimize the service downtime.

  1. Application Tracking

Synology actively sends out email notifications for SRS status update. You can also check the application progress online.


  1. Tariff may apply on cross-border shipments.
  2. Monday – Friday, except public holidays in select regions.
  3. A Synology Account is required for SRS applications. For SRS applications applied before May, 22nd, 2018, please track the application status here.


SRS-supported models in Malaysia ( as 1st August 2018)
19 series: RS1219+

18 series: FS1018 ,RS3618xs ,RS2818RP+ ,RS2418+ ,RS2418RP+, RS818+ ,RS818RP+,RX418

17 series: FS3017 ,FS2017 RS18017xs+ RS4017xs+ RS3617xs+ RS3617RPxs RS217 RX2417sas RX1217sas RX1217RP RX1217

16 series: RS816
15 series: RC18015xs+ RXD1215sas

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